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Stephen Galebach's career has spanned litigation, complex corporate transactions, intellectual property, government policy, civil and religious liberties, crime victim advocacy, and law school teaching.

B.A., Economics, magna cum laude, Yale College, 1974
President, Yale Republican Club

J.D., magna cum laude, Harvard Law School, 1979
Note Editor, Harvard Law Review

Government Service
Law Clerk to Judge Malcolm R. Wilkey, US Court of Appeals
for the DC Circuit

Legal Policy Advisor, Reagan White House, 1982-1985 (Office of Policy
Development, Deputy Assistant Director)

Senior Special Assistant to US Attorney General Ed Meese, 1985-1987

Law Practice
Associate, Covington & Burling, 1980-1981

Inhouse counsel to Internet/telecommunications companies BBN Corporation, GTE, and Genuity, 1997-2002. Served as IPO Manager for the largest Internet IPO in US history: Genuity, June 2000, $2.9Bn

Private practice of law, 1988-1997 and 2002-present, with experience in intellectual property and commercial litigation; technology licensing; telecommunications; products liability; civil and religious liberties; constitutional law; and crime victim advocacy

Public Interest and Advocacy
Staff Attorney, Center for Law and Religious Freedom, 1981-1982

Legal advisor to, technology-based nonprofit service for victims and witnesses of crime, 2004-2006

Harvard Law School, Fall Term 2001

Home School subjects through sophomore year high school, including Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, French, German, Chemistry, Biology, History, and English, 1988-present

Infantry Officer, US Marine Corps, 1974-76
Major Policy Initiatives
Prior to joining Reagan Administration:

--Human Life Bill - originator, draftsman, and advocate for bill based on section 5 power of Congress to enforce 14th Amendment, opening a national debate as to the humanity of the unborn - modified version defeated in U.S. Senate by one vote in 1982

--Equal Access Bill - originator and co-draftsman of bill extending 1st Amendment freedom of speech to high school prayer and Bible study groups, political groups, and other viewpoint advocacy groups - enacted into law and upheld by U.S. Supreme Court

During Reagan Administration, served as chief White House staffer on:

--Child Protection Act of 1984 - strengthened federal laws against child pornography and child exploitation

--Tuition Tax Credits Bill of 1984

--Equal Access Act of 1985

--Handicapped infants protective legislation and regulations

--White House Conferences for Religious Leaders on Alternatives to Abortion

After Reagan Administration:

--Casey v. Planned Parenthood - amicus brief to U.S. Supreme Court for Family Research Council advocating overruling of Roe v. Wade

--Lee v. Weisman - amicus brief to U.S. Supreme Court for Family Research Council on church-state 1st amendment principles

--Rights of victims and witnesses of crimes - work with federal, state, and local law enforcement as legal advisor to

Diane Williams Galebach

Diane Galebach has increasingly engaged in social entrepreneurship as her children have grown older.

It Works: A program for college-age young people to develop life skills (2002-2005). An Internet-based service for victims and witnesses of crime, enabling them to preserve anonymity as long as they desire while reporting to local law enforcement authorities and communicating back-and-forth with them (2004-2006). Diane designed and developed this service with young people in the It Works program in 2004-2005.

Homeschool teacher for 10 children (1989 to present)


Christendom College, B.A. 1981 - Valedictorian of first graduating class