Translations and Notes, 1938-1945


Aug. 8, 1938 Social Justice, pages 5, 19:

“Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion”

... The second document, treating of the financing of the Russian Revolution by the Jewish bank of Kuhn, Loeb and Company, is the one drawn up by the American Secret Service and transmitted by the French High Commissioner to his government. This document is quoted at length on pp. 88-91 of ‘The Mystical Body of Christ in the Modern World.’ It was published by the Documentation Catholique of Paris on 6th March, 1920, and was preceded by the following remarks: ‘The authenticity of this document is guaranteed to us. With regard to the exactness of the information it contains, the American Secret Service must assume responsibility.’ This document was quoted in 1920 in a supplement to the paper La Vieille France, which added: ‘All the governments of the Entente were aware of this memorandum, drawn from the data of the American Secret Service and sent at the time to the French High Commissioner and his colleagues.’

In addition to the information about the Jewish banking houses which financed the Russian Revolution, the document also gives the long list of the Jews who took over the direction of the Russian people in 1917. Lenin is given as a Russian, but all the other twenty-four given on the list - Trotsky, Zinovieff, Kameneff, Parvus, etc. - are stated to be Jews...

All this goes to prove that Stalin's government, in spite of all its attempts at camouflage, has neveer been, and will never be, a national government. Israel will always be the controlling power and driving force behind it...

As a matter of fact, the conspiracy against civilization in the world emanates from Russia, or from those who are responsible for organizing the Russian revolution under the leadership of Trotsky, and other bad Jews who have not been castigated in the Jewish pulpits of America...

We regard every organization against War and Fascism as a menace until the officials of such organizations incorporate the war against Communism in their program...

Sept. 9, 1938 L’Osservatore Romano, page one:

“The Holy Father’s Paternal Commendation to the Pilgrims from Catholic Youth of Belgium”

Yesterday morning, Wednesday, the Holy Father received in audience a large number of the faithful from various places.

The August Pontiff deigned, first of all, to direct His words, in the Gallery, to a group of religious comprising 60 students from the Pontifical University of St. Anthony and 40 theology students from the Monastery of Saints John and Paul, heartily congratulating them for the commitment they have shown in their studies and for the benefit they have gained in sacred and profane knowledge.


To a group of 120 pilgrims from Catholic Radio Belgium, gathered in the next room, the Holy Father expressed his most hearty thanks for the gift of a radio, and His congratulations, equally for the good they do and for the evil they seek to avoid in the use of one of the most popular means of propaganda today. Then he urged them to do ever more and ever better and to consider that however much they do - and the Pope knows they do a lot - nothing can be considered done when there is still more to do.

Then, in the Candalabra room ...

Finally in the Swiss Room, where there were 400 pilgrims of Belgian Catholic Youth and 390 married couples meeting, the August Pontiff, greeted by the heartiest applause, responded to those beautiful, good, filial acclamations, giving everyone his most cordial blessing in the house of the Universal Father who had come to try to obtain the Paternal Benediction, all the more precious for the children when the Father is so loved and so old.

Equally welcome are the newly marrieds who have come to obtain an augmented share of grace on Christian marriage instituted by Our Lord

His Holiness thanked them for having thought of Him, these favorite children of his who belong to the Associations that represent so well those that go by the name of Catholic Action.

His Holiness the Pope knows well that those who have finished of the specialized branches of that great umbrella that is Catholic Action of Belgium, and thus wanted to congratulate them for all the good they have done in Belgium. It is a great joy of the paternal heart ... marvelous union of hearts. In fact it is a magnificent thing to obey the great laws of nature: Unity makes for strength... it is a word that the Pope repeats especially to the Youth of Catholic Action: Most excellent, but always more, always better. And these words appeal opportune to the Holy Father because a value like holiness is always susceptible to further progress, to new perfections.

The ancient Romans had, in this regard, a saying that can also be a good souvenir of Rome: Nothing is done if something remains to be done.

Civiltà Cattolica, Oct. 1, 1938, pp. 3 ff., “La Questione Giudaica e ‘La Civiltà Cattolica’”:

... The order of considerations weighing upon us up to now has exempted us from entering into an examination and discussion of some of the more detailed aspects of the Jewish question, the more so as not a few of them have already been treated, more or less fully, in our periodical (footnote: 1934 vol. 4, pp. 126ff., 267ff.; 1937 vol. 2, pp. 418ff., 497ff., vol. 3. pp. 27ff.; and 1938 vol, 2, pp. 77ff.) ... The fallacy, moreover, in the liberal argument for the abolition of the former laws governing the life of the Jewish nation in the midst of Christian peoples, was recognized by Mazzetti himself, who acknowledges it quite candidly. The fallacy is found, for example, in their insistence upon attributing the vices of the Jews to the natural effects of the laws themselves, and thus seeing the remedy in “connecting them to modern life” more and more, with full equality of rights, and without any protection for the rights of the Christian people themselves. That left a completely open field for the Jews, and this was to their own detriment, as we have reasoned in our periodical. About that, finally, the same Mazzetti praises “the coordinating and inspiring work” whereby “Italian culture set out a framework for the Jewish question, in all the richness of its guidance, and held to it with unquestionable seriousness of scientific knowledge.” But precisely because of this, the work of our periodical could not depart, even in the understandably lively controversy, from the sincere study of the truth and the obligatory balance between justice and Christian charity that we have demonstrated.

E. Rosa, S.J.

Oct. 16, 1938 L’Osservatore Romano, page 6:

“A Proposal for Solving the Palestine Problem”

Dateline Jerusalem, Oct. 15

... [deals with the Mufti of Jerusalem] ...

Nov. 8, 1938 L’Osservatore Romano, page 6:

“A Speech by Hitler in Weimar”

Dateline Berlin, Nov. 7

Chancellor Hitler gave an announced speech in Weimar yesterday at the convention of the Brown Shirts in Thuringia.

He described Germany’s development in recent years, calling it miraculous. He said that the German people are peace-loving, but that “disarmament of weapons must be preceded by disarmament of the spirit. The absolute guarantee of the right to German parity and self-determination is established by the armed forces. It is to them that Germany owes its political successes that were entrusted in vain for fifteen years to negotiations. The Reich is willing to negotiate, but not as to its indispensable rights.”

The essentially polemical talk among the democracies and among English politicians who were most critical of the Munich accord has shown conclusively that the German people must be steadfast, resolute and united with their friends; living, that is, in Europe together with Italy.

Nov. 9, 1938 Völkisch Observer, page 2:

“Harmless Kid?” - Berlin, Nov. 8

For the second time, a Jew has shot a German person. David Frankfurter fired his deadly shots against Wilhelm Gustloff, a standard-bearer of the Party. Herschel Grünszpan, however, raised his murder weapon against Legation Secretary vom Rath, a diplomatic official of the Reich.

The crimes in Davos and Paris show uncanny similarity. And this is quite easy to explain. The criminal predisposition of their race enabled both Jewish murderers to employ the same assassination methods in the execution of their ruthless deed. With the same premeditation, the men behind the scenes went to work to assure the least possible punishment for their vile tools. In Switzerland they sought out a Canton where capital punishment is unknown. And in France they sought out a minor to implement their intentions, who is brought before a Paris juvenile court and can expect there an equally mild punishment. In order not to charge this to the Jews of the country in which the murder took place, they pressed the murder weapon into the hand of a Yugoslavian citizen in Switzerland and a Polish citizen in France.

With the same scrupulosity as before in the Gustloff case, the Jewish world press now turns attention away from the men behind the scenes, those who can be found in the same circles as the ones who put David Frankfurter up to it, who can be found among the ranks of those who, forever and a day, have been inciting world war against National Socialist Germany. Although everything that has come to light so far about the circumstances of the crime in Paris reveals systematic preparation, the Jewish-Bolshevik press is beginning to exculpate the cowardly assassin. They are already beginning to present the Jewish murderer as a “poor child,” or as an “over-excited Jew” who was not in his right mind...

Nothing else was to be expected but that world Jewry would stand united behind the criminal who fired shots at one German official of the Reich but hit the entire German Volk. Since the Jews of the world identify themselves with the criminal in Paris, it is the right of the German Volk to identify this criminal with the Jews of Germany, no matter whether they hold a German or foreign passport. The shots of Paris will not remain unatoned; Judaism can be assured of that! When the Jews throughout the world approve the most recent bloody deed, the Jews in Germany cannot be thinking differently. The evident Jewish attitude obligates everyone to take preventive action against new criminal deeds breaking out. The German Volk has suffered too much harm from “harmless Jewish kids” to be willing to bear more of the same.

German original

Nov. 10, 1938 L’Osservatore Romano, page 6:

“A Further Speech by Hitler in Munich”

Dateline: The “Stefani” agency reporting from Munich, Nov. 8:

In the historic Bürgerbräu Beer Hall this evening occurred the annual gathering of the Brown Shirt comrades who, fifteen years ago, flocked to this beer hall in response to Hitler’s appeal to revolt on the 9th of November.

The highest leaders were convened together with the humblest followers, all attired in the same uniform: a simple brown shirt without distinctions of rank; on their chests the insignia of the “Order of Blood,” conferred by the Führer on all the participants in the revolt. Altogether there were about 3,000 Brown Shirts present. Among them, for the first time, there were also representatives of Austria and the Sudetenland, as guests.

After the solemn entrance of the flags at the beginning, led by the “Blood Flag,” the Führer entered, greeted by enthusiastic jubilation.

The ceremony was broadcast by loudspeakers in the other historic beer hall, the Hofbräuhaus, where all the other senior leaders of the Party were convened who had not participated in the revolt of November 9th.

After a greeting by Christian Weber, a comrade of Hitler’s from the beginning, the Führer took the floor. He began his speech by recalling the times of twenty years ago and attributing Germany’s defeat to the cowardice of the governing classes of the time. “If I had been in power in those days,” he added, “Germany would never have suffered the shame of defeat.”

Hitler then lashed out with lively sarcasm against the attitude of Churchill and the English opposition, saying he had to exhort the German people to be alert because, in homage to the systems in use in democratic countries, it cannot be ruled out, and must even be considered possible, that those who today are in opposition will tomorrow be in power: “And these potential governors of tomorrow declare today that they do not want to attack the German people and the Italian people but only their regimes. This is the same tactic,” exclaimed Hitler, “that our so-called friends first adopted in 1918 when they said the wanted to bring down the dynasties and not the people. But we know this about that: only by destroying the German people can they bring down its current regime.” The Chancellor went on to say – to much applause – that when others talk so much about agreements with Germany, the Germans themselves do not understand what agreements they want, since Germany no longer has anything to negotiate about except the issue of colonies, an issue for which, moreover, they will never resort to war, because justice will inevitably triumph.

After emphasizing that the German nation must be ready to endure yet greater sacrifices for the security of peace in view of the fact that the Nazi Party does not intend to count only on its own strength, Hitler concluded his speech, which lasted almost two hours, by remembering, with words of profound gratitude, the Fallen of the Nazi Revolution.

The speech was interrupted many times by the most lively applause, especially the polemical parts.

After the gathering at the Bürgerbräu Beer Hall, the leaders attended the solemn march of the Party standards that were carried before the memorial to the Fallen Nazis at the Odeonsplatz, where they will remain on display throughout the day tomorrow.

Detachments of Hitler Youth kept watch near the standards.

L’Osservatore Romano, Nov. 10, 1938, page 6:

“The Canton of Vaud’s Fight Against Communism”

The National Council, with 101 votes in favor and 39 against, has conceded the federal guarantee to the new article of the constitution of the Canton of Vaud [in Switzerland] that prohibits, on the territory of the Canton, organizations affiliated directly or indirectly with the Communist International or any other international or foreign organization whose activity is harmful to public order.

“The Church of St. Nicholas in Magdeburg Dedicated to Combat Veterans”

The National Zeitung reports that Hitler has given his consent so that the famous Church of St. Nicholas in Magdeburg will be devoted to the memory of German combat veterans.

All the flags of the former association of the Steel Helmets, founded there in Magdeburg, will be preserved there.

Italian original

Nov. 11, 1938 Völkischer Beobachter, page one:

“World Echo of the Jewish Assassination: Sympathy for the Victim, Indignation over the Bloody Deed”

Proclamation of Reich Minister Dr. Goebbels to the Population

New Legal Regulation of the Jewish Question Announced

Dateline: Berlin, Nov. 10

Reich Minister Dr. Goebbels proclaims:

“The justifiable and understandable indignation of the German Volk over the cowardly Jewish assassination of a German diplomat in Paris took off in a major way during the past night. In numerous cities and places of the Reich, reprisal actions were undertaken against Jewish buildings and businesses.

“It is hereby proclaimed that the entire population is strongly exhorted to refrain at once from all further demonstrations and reprisals of all sorts. The final answer to the Jewish attack in Paris will be imparted to Jewry by means of legislation and decree.”

The cowardly murder by the Jew Grünspan has provoked in the entire German Volk an only too understandable indignation, which has been expressed in anti-Jewish announcements, especially in view of the unprecedented vileness of this deed and the unabashed insolence with which it was perpetrated. If thereby, despite the so justified rage of all Germans, no Jew’s hair was so much as ruffled, then that may go down in all the world to the disciplined nature of the German Volk. In any case there should be no delay in stating emphatically that in any further provocation by world Jewry, the German Volk will hardly reckon so gently with the criminals. The assassination in Paris occasioned in Jewry, and especially its heavily influenced international Jewish rabble-rousing press, the recognition that a further piece has been made to ripen, that indeed beyond the German borders a general defensive action against the burdensome parasitic people has begun to be instituted. The proclamation of Reich Minister Dr. Goebbels is proof of Germany’s intention not to make any Jewish martyrs. The announcement of further legislative regulation of the Jewish question will be received by the whole German Volk with satisfaction.

German original

Nov. 11, 1938 L’Osservatore Romano, page 6:

“The Death of von Rath”

Dateline Paris, Nov. 10

The Secretary of the German Embassy, von Rath, victim of the assassination attempt committed this past Monday against him by the young Jew Grynszpan, died yesterday afternoon as a result of the wounds he received.

The French Chargé d’Affaires in Berlin went yesterday to the Foreign Ministry to express to Undersecretary Weiszacker, in the name of the French Government, his condolences over the death of the young diplomat accredited to the Government in Paris.

The President of the Republic, the Presiding Minister of the Council, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and all the Diplomatic Corps sent their condolences.

“Burnings of Synagogues in Berlin and in Other German Cities”

Dateline Paris, Nov. 10

The Havas news agency reports from Berlin that of the twelve synagogues in the German capital, nine were in flames, while the main temple of the Israelite Community, in the Orientburg Street, opposite the central telephone office, has not been touched. There the doors are wide open and two agents are standing guard. In front of all the burning synagogues there are numerous squads of firemen trying to keep the flames localized, while the surrounding areas are being kept clear by the police.

The office of the Israelite cultural and theater organization is closed, as are eight Jewish schools.

As yet no official statement has been published in Berlin about the burning of the Israelite temples.

It is reported that in Vienna two more synagogues have been sacked. Numerous Israelites have been arrested by the police, who have also begun to take action to collect weapons in the possession of the Jews. Also in Lomberg Bayreuth it is reported that some synagogues are in flames.

In Munich, the only remaining synagogue, after the demolitions effected in the last month, was set on fire. In the Jewish quarter the police have executed mass arrests. The men have been taken into camps.

In most of the cities of Germany last night, organized processions [cortei] have gone through the streets,systematically attacking Jewish shops.

Immediately following: “Deplorings in Poland”

Dateline Warsaw, Nov. 10

All the Israelite press is deploring the murder by Grynspan, fearing the consequences.

The Nasz Pruglad asserts that it is a matter of an individual act, not premeditated, and that it is impossible to hold responsible any group of the Jewish population. The Polks Cajtung asserts that it is easy to imagine the wave of reaction that this act will provoke. The Moment reports that in France voices have already been heard against the Jews as wanderers and sowers of disorder.

Contrary to reports published abroad, it is not true that the German-Polish negotiations on the problem of Polish Jews residing in Germany have been interrupted. The talks continue, but they are laborious. On the other hand, the assassination of von Rath has not helped facilitate the negotiations.

Adjacent article: “The British Government Abandons Its Plan to Partition Palestine”

Dateline London, Nov. 10

As announced, the Government published yesterday, under the form of a “White Paper,” the report of the Commission for Palestine, consisting of Sir John Woodhead, Sir Alison Russel, Sir John Waterfield and Mr. Reid.

The publication caused notable surprise in that it signifies a complete abandonment of all proposals for partition that have been presented for the examination of the Commission, none of them having received its approval.

The British Government, writes the “White Paper,” after attentively examining the Commission’s report, has come to the conclusion that the political, administrative, and financial difficulties in creating an Arab State and an independent Jewish State are so great that the solution of this problem is impossible. The British Government will continue, therefore, to be responsible for the domestic government of Palestine...

Italian original

Nov. 12, 1938 Völkischer Beobachter, page one:

“The Grünspan Case”

On November 7th in Paris, a 17 year old Polish Jewish youth made his way into the German Embassy and asked to speak with one of the gentlemen in authority. As he was led to Legation Secretary vom Rath, he drew his pistol and fired off several shots without any word of exchange or dispute having occurred. At his subsequent interrogation he declared that he did not know Legation Secretary vom Rath personally at all. It was indeed a matter of indifference to him, whom he shot. He only wanted to take revenge for his Jewish brothers in Germany. Investigations in Paris determined that Grünspan had been expelled from France three months earlier. Concerning his stay up to the day of the murder, he has maintained silence up to the present day. He was in possession of a false passport.

There arise here then the questions: Where was Grünspan in the past three months? Who took care of supporting him? Who arranged the false passport for him? Who taught him pistol shooting? There can remain no doubt that he was hidden by a Jewish organization and systematically prepared for this cynical act of murder.

Legation Secretary vom Rath died after torturous sufferings a few days later. The parallels with the Gustloff case are ready at hand. Just as then, a young man was sought out as the assassin by the Jewish men-behind-the-scenes, in order to conceal the responsibility. The interrogations of both Jewish youths showed a precise concurrence in the defensive rationale and the tactics. It also came out through the trial proceedings against Frankfurter that the desire was to strike not the individual man, but rather National Socialist Germany. Also shown in both cases is the well-prepared exculpatory efforts of the entire Jewish world press.

Where are these men-behind-the-scenes to be found? For weeks and months there has been incitement to war against Germany as a nation, and incitement to murder against individual prominent representatives of National Socialist Germany, in the great Jewish world newspapers. Especially prominent in this have been the Jews Georg Bernhard and Emil Ludwig Cohn. In these circles, therefore, are the intellectual instigators of the attack undoubtedly to be found. These are the same circles that are unleashing for the murderer throughout the world an unprecedented propaganda to win public opinion. The reasons for the murder are ready at hand. World Jewry , after fevered incitements to war during the summer months of this year, suffered a frightful rebuff. The Munich accord caused its annihilation plan toward Germany to founder. It had raised the hope of bringing Germany to its knees by a world war brought on by infamous rabble-rousing, and of being able to cause the hated Nazi regime to collapse. After this plan was brought to shipwreck in Munich, they wanted to use a drastic and frivolous action to stop the peace efforts of the great powers of Europe and then stage a new incitement against Germany. The murder of Embassy Councillor vom Rath was to be a signal for all of Jewry to fight against Germany...

German original

Nov. 12, 1938 L’Osservatore Romano, page one:

“After the Antisemitic Demonstrations in Germany: A Statement by Goebbels”

Dateline Berlin, Nov. 11

Yesterday afternoon Minister of Propaganda Goebbels exhorted the population over the radio to cease from further demonstrations.

“The entire population,” he said, “is emphatically called upon to desist from further antisemitic demonstrations or actions of any kind. The definitive response to the assassination in Paris will be given to Judaism by lawful means.”

“Foreign Repercussions”

Dateline Paris, Nov. 11

The Havas agency reports from Berlin that calm has returned. Jewish merchants have posted signs on their shops saying “Shop for rent immediately” or “shop already sold to an Aryan.”

Goebbels’ order to desist from demonstrations was punctually followed. The press, while justifying yesterday’s excesses in terms of the indignation of the people, is emphasizing that no Jew was hurt, and is declaring that the world must take account of the discipline the German people have shown. The Völkisch Observer warns: “If new provocations were to occur on the part of international Jewry, the German people would not settle accounts with the criminals with such mildness.”

Nonetheless the same agency points out how the French, English and American press are severely judging yesterday’s antisemitic incidents in Germany.

For example, in Paris, the Petit Parisien writes: “The world is stupified with indignation that a single person’s crime can provoke such terrible reprisals against victims who had no connection, except racial, with the murderer.”

The Times points out that millions of Germans must bear in mind the damage that is being inflicted on their Country.

In its turn, the News Chronicle highlights the gravity of the episodes.

“It is not on the basis of these actions,” it writes, “that we can hope to see an accord between the German leaders and the English people.”

The New York Tribune, for its part, observes: “It is incomprehensible how the current leaders of Germany could imagine that permitting these acts would do anything but provoke the disapprobation of civilized men.”

According to the Times, quoting from Reuters, no foreign propagandist wanting to attack Germany could do better than recount the arsons and assaults against innocent defenseless citizens that occurred yesterday in Germany. Either the German authorities tolerated these attacks, or their power to maintain public order over a minority of hotheads is not what it is asserted to be.

Article alongside: “The Imminent Meeting in London of the Conference for Palestine”

Dateline London, Nov. 11


“The Arabs’ Demands”

Dateline London, Nov. 11

Yesterday evening the Arab Center of London sent a signed declaration from Mr. Allonba, head of the delegation that came to London to communicate to the British Government the decisions of the recent Arab-Muslim Congress meeting in Cairo. The declaration says, among other things, that the Arabs are ready to negotiate, on the condition that there will be a recognition of their natural right to choose their own form of Governemnt and that they will be allowed freedom to choose their own representatives to the conference for the pacification of Palestine that has been proposed by the British Government.

Additional article on page one: “The Arrival of the First Diplomatic Representative of the Reich to Manchukuo”

Dr. W. Wagner, First Minister Plenipotentiary of the Reich to Manchukuo, arriving in Hsinking, was received at the station by representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, by members of the German Legation and by the principal city authorities.

He will be received by Emperor Kang-The on Saturday morning for the presentation of his credentials.

Nov. 13, 1938 L’Osservatore Romano, page 6:

“After the Antisemitic Demonstrations in Germany – Statements by Goebbels – Further News and Commentary”

Dateline Berlin, Nov. 12

Minister Goebbels received representatives of the foreign press to whom he has made some statements about the reprisals against the Jews that have made such a deep impression upon world public opinion. He said that National Socialism and antisemitism are identified with each other, and that the Jewish problem will be resolved by means of law, in which the government will only follow popular opinion. Between the Jewish and German people, he said, there is an abyss. The Minister then spoke of malicious insinuations, especially protesting against the American press and what was said abroad about the organized nature of the violence employed against the Jews, maintaining that in such a case things would have been much different; it was only the remarkable number of incidents that rendered police action ineffective to prevent looting. The Government has already ordered the cessation of all reprisals, repeating that the question will be addressed in an orderly manner by the competent authorities: and in this regard, he added that Germany denies it is an international issue that is considered appropriate for resolution by international agreements. However, the spirit of the Reich in this regard would depend on the attitude of the Jews in various countries.

Newspapers reported from Munich that an antisemitic demonstration took place yesterday evening amidst serious public agitation, as people crowded into the arena of the Krone Circus. It is estimated that no fewer than 40,000 people heard a speech by Minister Wagner which was characterized by the most imperious protests against the Jews.

Newspapers note that it appears from Wagner’s words that among the detainees in prisons are large numbers of Jews. The speaker said they will respond to international Jewish propaganda against Germany.

According to the same source, the speaker then said that “in Munich all the Jews’ businesses, shops, lawyers’ offices and medical offices will be taken over. At the top we will see the confiscation of all the objects of art they possess. The fight against the Jews will proceed to their complete extermination [sterminio completo].”

“The rumor appears to be confirmed,” adds this source, “that there have been serious injuries to Jews, especially in cases where they resisted.”

Le Temps publishes some details about Thursday’s fires in Berlin and reports that nine out of twelve synagogues were destroyed. The main synagogue has not been touched. In front of the burning synagogues, the fire engines have localized the fires to prevent them from spreading to neighboring buildings, leaving slowly burning Israelite temples.

According to a statement from the German News Bureau, reported in the same newspaper, the windows of Jewish stores in almost all cities of the Reich were destroyed. In some cases there are reports of fires in Jewish stores with the merchandise destroyed. On the Kurfürstendamm, the main street of Berlin, as well as other neighborhoods of the capital, Jewish stores were demolished. In some cases owners have been arrested by the police to ensure their safety.

The Angriff, Minister Goebbels’s newspaper, announced today that in Renpe, a poor district of Berlin, no Jewish warehouse was spared and said that a “good job” was done in the Jewish neighborhoods of the capital. The newspaper adds that the Jews themselves were later forced to remove the traces of the nighttime devastation.

According to Reuters, Frankfurt police made a mass arrest of all Jewish men ages 18 to 60 who are German nationals and sent them to a concentration camp.

The Jews will have to pay the costs of food and lodging, and the Jewish community will have to pay for co-religionists who are without means so that they will not be a burden on German taxpayers.

While all the Jewish places in Berlin remain closed, it will be forbidden for the Jews to attend theaters or any other places.

The Havas news agency also announced that a heavy fine will be imposed on all German Jews in compensation for the murder of von Rath.

On same page:

“An English Step”

Dateline London, Nov. 12

According to the Times, a diplomatic note was referred yesterday by the counselor of the British Embassy in Berlin, Sir Olgivie Forbes, to the Wilhemstrasse. The note draws the attention of the German Government to the fact that the British Chargé d’Affaires has received complaints to the effect that British goods have suffered as a result of events on Thursday. The note of the British Government reserves the right to claim indemnities and expresses the hope that measures will be taken to protect British subjects.

The emotion aroused by the antisemitic demonstrations in Germany continues in the English press. The News Chronicle, referring to statements by Minister Goebbels, observes that “the fact that the propaganda minister has summoned journalists to give them his version of the ‘pogroms’ clearly indicates that the echo of the worldwide protest has been heard.”

The Labour paper Daily Herald writes that “the violence this week and the malicious attacks against politicians currently make it difficult to undertake any new efforts toward an Anglo-German agreement.”

Nov. 15, 1938 L’Osservatore Romano, November 14-15, 1938, page one:

“Concerning the New Italian Racial Laws”


Also on page one: “Christian Renaissance in Czechoslovakia”

Dateline Prague, Nov. 14

The economic organizations of the Christian labor movement of Czechoslovakia, formed under the name of “Economic Council of the Christian Movement,” a central committee that will participate in the reconstruction of the state according to the spirit of the Papal Encyclicals. Meanwhile, the Catholic newspaper of Prague, “Lidove Listy,” is campaigning for reforms to teaching in Czechoslovakia, according to the Christian spirit, and points to the example of Slovakia.

“The time of internationalism and irreligion has passed,” writes the newspaper. “The Christian spirit of the nation has awakened and claimed its rights. It requests that the crucifix reign in the local schools, because it sees in the Cross the most effective means of protection against destructive currents.”

The same can be said also of religious education. Incessantly there is talk about the importance of religion for the moral renewal of the nation, but then the teaching of religion in schools is given a place inferior to that which is given to gymnastics.

There should be a State decree requiring all children to take courses in religion.

Nov. 15, 1938 L’Osservatore Romano, November 14-15, 1938, page 6:

“Repercussions of the Antisemitic Demonstrations in Germany – The Measures in Germany”

Newspapers have reported from Berlin that the legal measures announced by Minister Goebbels, which were reported Saturday, consist first of all in a collective fine amounting to one billion marks, so that, as the Minister himself said in a speech to the winter relief conference, “the property of the Jews will pass into German hands in a very short time.” Second, it will be a prohibition on Jews practicing a trade or line of business, whether wholesale or retail, owning, managing, directing, or representing commercial companies, as well as the injunction to pay indemnities received by the Jews themselves, while the corresponding sums that are due from insurance will be donated to the State.

A certain number of Israelite personalities in Berlin were invited by the president of their community to deliberate on this matter. They have received a notification specifying the amount of damages for which payment will be required. It is not known what total figure will be imposed. It is known only that a Jewish widow, who owned a certain amount of goods, has been called upon to pay 50,000 marks and an industrialist 10,000 marks. For the payment of these sums no interested party will be exempt from contributing to the billion marks for the collective fine.

The Propaganda Minister has ordered that the Israelites will be excluded from cinemas, theaters, concerts, exhibitions, and all recreational and cultural events, being obligated, says the Minister, to be excluded as Jews from German culture and to provide for their own.

Arrests were made everywhere, universally justified as a protective measure. Minister Goebbels, in his remarks, denounced the foreign press campaign as characterized by exaggerations out of hatred toward Germany; he called on the people not to resort to new reprisals, because with Jewish property becoming the patrimony of the nation, it is not the Jews who will be affected; all the more reason for the Government to be vigilant and respond to whatever “provocations” may come from whatever quarter.

The Berliner Tageblatt expressed, in any case, the hope “that the new legislation consecrates the right to just reprisals.”

To illustrate the state of mind and the resulting situation, Rome newspapers are speaking of a judicial sentence they call “interesting” and “extremely significant,” reported by Lunemburg, which “emphasizes a spirit free from all compromise and from any transaction that substantially at the same time inspires and interprets all the legislation of the National Socialist State against the Jewish element.”

The sentence was handed down by the Court of Jurors, for a crime against the pregnancy of a Jewish woman under Article 218 of the German Penal Code which sets out the prohibition and punishment.

The court made a factual finding for the reality and the fullness of the prosecution, but acquitted the accused “because” in the spirit of the national syndicalist revolution Article 218 of the Criminal Code has the character of a racial protection for the progeny of the German Aryan race so that the provisions and legal intent of this article cannot be applied to protect the progeny of a race that is in opposition to the German people. The application of Article 218 in this case, according to the rationale of the judgment, would have an effect precisely opposite to the purpose of protecting the German race as set forth in this article of the law. The German people find themselves in a defensive struggle against the Jewish race, and laws enacted in favor of the German people cannot, as a result, be applied in defense and in favor of the Jewish race.

The German News Bureau adds that other rigorous measures to eliminate Judaism from the German economy and to put an end to a provocative situation will be taken within a very short time.

According to the news agency Havas, details from Munich about the National Socialist demonstrations include Minister Wagner and leaders of Upper Bavaria attacking “international Judaism and its red and black protectors.”

Wagner stated that the indignation of Nazi ex-combatants over the news of the death of von Rath was overwhelming. He added that Jewish shops are and will be closed; and he accused the Catholic Church of taking up the defense of the Jews.

Finally, the Minister of Education, Rust, sent a telegram to the Rectors of German Universities stating that Jews are prohibited from taking university courses and from entering academic buildings.

A law is being prepared that will ban the Jews from access to German universities and colleges.

Jews have also been temporarily prohibited from working in the German stock exchanges. The purpose of the decree is to prevent a collapse that could occur via a sale of securities by Jews to pay the one billion mark fine.

The German News Bureau also announced that the head of the Reich motorist association, Huenlein, has ordered the immediate dissolution of the “Jewish Automobile Club.”

“English Impressions”

Dateline London, Nov. 14 ...

“French Comments”

Dateline Paris, Nov. 14 ...

“Protests in America”

Dateline New York, Nov. 14 ...

Nov. 16, 1938 L’Osservatore Romano, page one:

“English Catholics for the Church in Germany”

Dateline London, Nov. 14

The Catholic periodical The Universe has begun a petition to show the fraternal solidarity of English Catholics with the grievous present condition of the Catholic Church in Germany.

The first signatory is His Eminence Arthur Cardinal Hinsley, Archbishop of Westminster. After collecting all the signatures of English Catholics who join in the protest, the document will be delivered to the Reich Chancellor.

Nov. 16, 1938 L’Osservatore Romano, page 6:

“The Fate of the Jews in Germany”

Dateline London, Nov. 15

In an interview granted to Reuters after the announcement of the measures taken against the Jews in Germany, the Minister of Propaganda, Dr. Goebbels, after having announced that new measures are expected in a near future, said: “Overall, they are economic in nature and consistent with our goal, which is to eliminate the Jews from the ‘visible’ economic life of the country, so that there will be no more clashes like those that occurred in past weeks. It is impossible that in a National Socialist State, whose conception is anti-Jewish, entire streets are occupied by Jewish shops. These stores will be progressively taken over by Aryans.”

The minister added that Jewish culture was not affected, which is why the Jewish theater and concert halls were reopened after being closed following the incidents on Thursday.

“In other words, what we want,” continued Goebels, “is a clear-cut division between Germans and Jews.”

Nov. 17, 1938 L’Osservatore Romano, page one:

“After the German Antisemitic Demonstrations”

Dateline Paris, Nov. 16

The worldwide repercussions of the antisemitic measures taken by Germany are provoking a strong reaction in the German press, directed particularly against the United States and against England.

The National Zeitung of Essen, Göring’s newspaper, is attacking the Secretary of the Interior, Ickes, claiming he represents Jewish capitalism in the United States and stating that Washington is acting by orders of the Jews.

“Roosevelt’s Statements”

Blame is being leveled then, and especially against the exaggerations published by the American press on the incidents, culminating in the conjectures that have accompanied the recalling to Washington of Ambassador Wilson. It is being noted in the German newspapers that the Ambassador would have had to leave within days for a holiday period, and thus nothing abnormal should be seen in the predictable request by the State Department that he take a vacation. Moreover the Nachtausgabe [Night Edition] writes taht all the combined sensationalism formulated in this regard leave Germany perfectly indifferent toward them, because the report the Ambassador will give the White House can only serve to refute the statements in the American press.

All of this does not comport, however, with more authoritative indicia of the American reaction, such that the news of the statements made yesterday by Roosevelt to the press in one of his regular press conferences were not carried in the German press.

Roosevelt condemned that German antisemitic policy, stating that “the news arriving from Germany in recent days has profoundly shocked public opinion in the United States. Such news, from whatever part of the world it may originate, would inevitably produce the identical profound reaction among the American people, in any part of the nation. I myself can hardly believe that such things could really happen in the 20th century of civilization.”

The President, when invited to specify his views on the situation of the Jews in Germany and on the Jewish problem in general, said that his statement does not need further explanation.

The Herald Tribune in New York, commenting on these statements, writes that “the denunciation was made in terms ill suited for the President against the orientation of a foreign government with which the United States is in amicable diplomatic relations.”

“The Counter-Attack in England”

Another tone, yet more violent, is taken by the German reaction in confrontations with England. The discussion the day before yesterday in the House of Commons and remarks made by various speakers about the antisemitic campaign, greatly irritated German circles, to the point of making a sort of challenge to England: the Deutscher Dienst [German Service] proposed indeed an extraordinary convening of the Reichstag for a public discussion about the “cruelty” of England in Palestine. This was a way of responding to what is considered as “an unwarranted interference” in the internal affairs of another Stte, and as the sentimental “hypocrisy” of humanitarianism of the English population.

The newspapers openly defended in their articles the campaign that the Arabs are conducting in Palestine and accused England of being in accord with the Jews in the campaign of repressing terrorism that has been developing in the territory under the Mandate, also affirming that England wants to take advantage of the current disorders to reinforce Palestine militarily, where it wants to make a base in the Middle East.

As an indication of the violence of the press campaign that the discussion in the House of Commons aroused, it is sufficient to quote an aritcle published in the Nachtausgabe that speaks of a political campaign against the Reich paid for by Jewish gold. This is explainable in the United States by “the fact that the economic policy of the Reich is disturbing in some ways the monopolistic plans of the American Republic,” the campaign is led in part by England where they should have “known the reasons that led Germany to act severely against the Jews.” And the newspaper continues ...

“For a Solution?”

For this, it would seem, a concrete example needs to be demonstrated. Despite the violent attacks in the German press, there is a strong interest in England for a resolution.

It is confirmed by the morning newspapers that, by request of the Dutch Prime Minister, Colign, discussions have commenced among six European powers and the United States to resolve the question.

England has already conferred with the United States, France and Holland, and Prime Minister Chamberlain and Lord Halifax have both discussed the situation with diplomatic representatives of three powers. The fact that the American Ambassador to London, Joseph Kennedy, had a long discussion with the Minister of the Dominions is considered an idication that there are detailed plans for admitting German Jews into the British Empire...

The problem also was a subject today’s meeting of the Cabinet Council in which the possibility was to be examined of giving asylum to the majority of Jewish refugees in the British Empire or in other countries disposed to receive them.

“The Protests of a German-American Newspaper”

The Staatszeitung [States Newspaper], the principal newspaper in the German language that is published in the United States, criticizes the demonstratinos that took place in the Reich as antisemitic excesses...

“Against the Israelites of Danzig”

Italian original

Nov. 18, 1938 L’Osservatore Romano, page one:

“The Antisemitic Question in Germany”

In some circles it is pointed out that the antisemitic campaign in Germany has reached its definitive character. From the ideological aspect the matter has passed to the economic aspect. That is, to the part of German wealth that is in the hands of the Jews, which is sought to be “Arianized.”

Essentially, in fact, the reprisals for the assassination of von Rath have ended up consisting in an economic vendetta: systematic sacking of Jewish shops; reparations for damages sustained ...

The wealth of the Israelites amounts to approximately seven billion Marks. Already approximately two billion have passed into German ownership. But further measures will exclude the Jews from German economic life and thus together will determine ...

in Vienna ... the arrests of Jews, demonstrators and committers of violence have developed such that the Gauleiter himself for Austria, Bürkel, intervened in a speech he gave yesterday.

“In accord with Marshal Göring,” said Bürkel, “I declare as follows: those who dare to damage, by pillage or in any other manner, what will be considered national patrimony, must take account that they could end up condemned to death.”

“The Meeting of the International Committee for Refugees”

... probability of a further meeting of the “Committees of Vice Presidents” of the Evian Conference...

It has been officially communicated taht the representatives of the Polish Government in London, the Hague, and Brussels have received instructions to follow attentively the development of activities to come to the help of Jewish emigrants. Their instructions are to be especially vigilant because discussions have considered the needs for immigration of Jews into Poland. Also it is announced that Potoki, the Polish Ambassador to Washington, have various discussions with representatives of the American Government in which he insisted on the necessity of taking into consideration the problem of immigration of masses of Jews into Poland.

“The Repercussions in America”

The President of the German-American group that participates in the National League of American Citizens of Foreign Origin has sent an appeal to more than 400 German-American societies in the United States requesting them to join in opposition to the attacks of the National Socialists against minorities.

Thirty-five American writers, among them Mrs. Pearl Buck, the recent Nobel Prize winner, have telegraphed President Roosevelt requesting that the American Government protest in the name of humanity and that an embargo of German products be decreed.

Three thousand students at Columbia University in New York have sent a letter to Roosevelt asking him to follow the precedent set by the late President Theodore Roosevelt, who protested against Jewish persecutions in Russia, and to break off commercial relations with Germany.

Also the Methodists have been spoken out severely in this regard.

Article alongside the former: “The Arabs and the London Conference”

Subheads: “The Arabs’ Reception of New British Proposals - A Reservation by the English Is Not Accepted by the Arabs - The Specification by Minister MacDonald - The Jewish Agency Places Conditions on its Acceptance”

Commentary in italics: After the publication of the White Paper, controversies concerning Palestine have become polarized over the prospects of the London Conference proposal of the White Paper.

As reported, the British Government, at the same time that it announced its rejection of the plan of tri-partition, proposed a conference of the interested parties to discuss again the Palestine problem ...

According to what the White Paper provided, there would be invited to the prospective conference not only representatives of the Palestinian Arabs and representatives of the Jewish Agency, but also representatives of the States that border Palestine. In this regard it is necessary to note, however, that in what concerns the Arab representation, the British Government has reserved the right to refuse those leaders whom London considers responsible for the current terrorism campaign. This has to do with elements that have gone abroad and that are directing the insurrectionist movement from abroad.

This reservation is the object of criticism by the Arab press against London’s new proposals. The Arabs want absolute freedom of representation and, in case that freedom is not recognized, there is a threat they will abstain from the conference...

L’Osservatore Romano, Nov. 18, 1938, page one:

“The Demonstrations Against the Archbishop of Munich”

Dateline Freiburg, Nov. 15

Various inaccurate reports have circulated today about the hostile demonstrations taking place in front of the Archbishop’s residence in Munich. From a well-informed colleague we have been to receive the following details.

Friday, November 11, 1938, an appeal was published in all the daily papers about Munich and its enormous demonstrations: “Everyone! ... Against world Judaism and against its Black and Red allies...”

During the course of the same day, the Archdiocesan Curia was alerted from various parts that in the evening a demonstration would be organized against the Cardinal ...

It is also known that towards evening, when the news became more alarming, the Cardinal was asked to pass the night away from the Archepiscopal residence. The Cardinal refused to go...

Italian original

Nov. 19, 1938 L’Osservatore Romano, page one:

“For the Solution of the Jewish Question”

Dateline London, Nov. 18

There is continuing interest among the “Seven Powers” in a resolution of the Jewish problem and in accommodating the eventual refugees from Germany.

Yesterday the subject came up during debate in the House of Commons. Prime Minister Chamberlain announced that he hopes to make a definite statement in the next week.

Meanwhile, talks continue between British political figures and representatives of the other powers. Lord Halifax met with the Ambassador of the United States, and then received the president of the committee set up following the Evian Conference on Refugees, Rubblee. There is a possibility that Mr. Rubblee will soon make a visit to Berlin.

Also, from the United States we learn that the Secretary of Labor, Miss Perkins, has announced that the State Department is looking into the possibility of admitting 81,000 German Jews into the country within the next year. It should be noted that this figure is not greater than the number already allowed for German immigration, so that this help for the Jews would affect temporarily the possibility of Germans coming into the United States, by using up the established quota for a period of three years.

The Brussels Government has also decided to view more favorably the current provision that prevent the admission of German Jews into Belgium, and to suspend temporarily the expulsion of Jews who have clandestinely entered the country.

Concerning the possibility of successful talks among the representatives of the six European Powers and the United States, the Times notes that two conditions must be met. The first is the full and friendly cooperation among the various foreign ministers and with the private committees authorized to deal with the problem. The second is that English dipomacy do everything possible to persuade the German authorities to allow the Jews to leave the Reich with at least a portion of their capital. Even half of it would be enough to solve a problem that is becoming increasingly serious from day to day.

It is reported from Paris that the Temps has published an article on the initiative of the Dutch Prime Minister, Colign, observing that it is certainly interesting from a political and humanitarian point of view. A meeting of the Seven Powers dfor the purpose of examining a solution to the Jewish problem with a generous spirit would not be useless, but every effort in that direction will be severely limited in its possibilities. It is a matter of an immensely complex problem that needs to be closely examined as to all its aspects, and that needs to be handled with a realistic spirit while taking account of the imperative of human obligation.

The attacks of the German press against England and its colonial policy are continuing in the morning papers, which are stating that the censorship of news in Palestine and Transjordan would be “proof that England is conscious of its own guilt and feels insecure.”

The official Nazi newspaper, as well as the Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung, state that “because of censorship it is impossible to get objective correspondence from Palestine.” In these political circles it is observed that the reports concern, on the one hand, a country under a Mandate system, in a state of ferment if not rebellion, and on the other hand, the Reich itself could be seen as the object of similar censure.

News from Germany gives assurance that it is providing for the appointment of Commissioners of the Party for the liquidation of Jewish investments in various shares of stock and properties. For this purpose an office is operating in the Palatinate.

The noted Aufhäuser Bank in Bavaria, which had been placed under the control of a Nazi commissioner, has been “Aryanized” and from now on will be called “Seiter and Co.”

It has been announced from Berlin an ordinance is being prepared that remove legal protection for Jews as to home and rentals. In this manner Berlin will have eight thousand houses available to rent to Aryans.

Nov. 19, 1938 L’Osservatore Romano, page 6:

“Further Incidents in Palestine”

Jerusalem, Nov. 18

Incidents continue, albeit to a lesser extent, in all of Palestine. Yesterday one of the greatest figures of the Arab defense party, Abdul El Khatib, was attacked with a revolver and seriously wounded by an Arab, who then succeeded in getting away.

In addition, a British soldier was killed when a group of Arabs ambushed a military patrol north of Nablus. In Gaza numerous gunshots were fired during the night at police officers and military installations.

On the road between Nablus and Tulkarem, a police armored car was attacked and overturned by a group of Arab nationalists, and two police officers and the driver were injured.

Nov. 20, 1938 L’Osservatore Romano, page 6:

“Developments Concerning the Jewish Question after the Antisemitic Demonstrations in the Reich - The recall of the German Ambassador to Washington - Lively comments and discussion - The extent of the antisemitic demonstrations – International involvement in the Jewish problem”

There are reports that the Reich Government has recalled its ambassador in Washington to Berlin for consultations. This step, which follows a few days after the United States summoned its Ambassador, Wilson, has an obvious significance, if not exactly corresponding to the explanations given in Germany for the recall to Washington of Mr. Wilson. That was said to be in anticipation of the holidays.

The German political milieu did not comment in the same way upon the report by the German News Bureau. They did not comment at all. They only stated that the scope and motives of this recall are clearly defined by the official notice. But they emphasized that it is absolutely not a definitive recall.

In these circles it is observed, however, that the Berlin Government probably did not want its ambassador to Washington to remain at his post while the ambassador of the United States was in Washington for consultations about the recent events. They desired, as a reciprocal measure, to be informed by their ambassador about the state of American opinion.

Commenting on the Berlin Government’s action, the New York Herald Tribune writes: “Returning to Berlin, Diecknoff will be able to describe the American reaction to the treatment in the Jews in the Reich more clearly than he could by telegram. The American people do not have the slightest desire to enter into conflict with the Reich and would hesitate a long time before launching into economic reprisals, but they are also animated by the desire to minimize their possible connections with those who are inspired to such a course of conduct. If the National Socialists do not understand the American attitude, the United States also cannot understand the attitude of the National Socialists. The departure of the two ambassadors is a symbol that well defines the situation.”

The German press continues its reaction against the United States and England for an attitude that manifests only a political and economic side that would exclude any motive of humanity and justice. A particular object of criticism is the English proposal to transport the Jews to Tanganyika. The newspapers say that “England tries in this way to connect the Jewish question in the colonial question, because Tanganyika is a German colony that belonged to the Reich until 1918 and that the Reich has always continued to claim.

“We note,” writes the Nightly Edition [Nachtausgabe], “that the campaign of unrestrained hatred and venom against Germany in a democratic country, with a certain complicity of the responsible officials, has above all a hegemonic and economic purpose, not the purpose of helping the Jews. The proposal of Jewish colonization of former German East Africa represents the height of perfidy among all the harms to Germany.”

Concerning the campaign of accusations against British colonial policy, the Times observes in an editorial that even if the facts reported by the German press were true, it would not follow that the persecution of the Jews in Germany is any the less a crime. The newspaper observes that, instead of making a press campaign against two nations, it would be better for the German authorities to report accurately on the sincere and spontaneous reactions that events have provoked around the world.

In fact, the news that is spreading more and more about the nature and extent of antisemitic violence reveals that it was not limited to fire and looting. The aggression did not lack for bloodshed. It should be noted that in Innsbruck, for example, a Graunbert and a Dr. Bauer, a pediatrician, have been stabbed, also a Steiner was injured and in serious condition though he is now improved. It is easily understood from these facts, which are beginning to emerge through letters to relatives abroad or verbally from people who have come from Germany, what is the truth of the matter in other urban centers. This also gives assurance of the non-participation of the German people in these extreme actions that are always perpetrated by organized groups and individuals in public office and dependent on the Party.

The party itself continues to protest that the excesses were due to unruly outbursts of indignation, immediately suppressed because his orders to cease was promptly obeyed, but did not fail to observe, precisely for this reason that if the first news of the Paris , we were given orders timely because the indignation tralignasse not so serious it would, therefore, first, to the obedience obtained then saved to Germany painful events.

Meanwhile international actions to solve the Jewish problem continue.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir John Simon, in his speech in Rhyl in Wales, mentioned, among other problems, the Jewish one.

“There is no doubt,” the Minister said, “that the insane crime committed by a Jew in Paris against a German diplomat has met with outrage around the world, but the German retaliatory measures against the Jews affect hundreds of thousands of people who cannot be blamed for the least complicity in this deplorable crime. The British Government, like other governments, is not merely taking note of the reaction aroused among the masses of the public to what happened in Germany, and therefore, as was announced by Mr. Chamberlain, we are studying the possibility of offering asylum, to the extent possible, to a number of Jewish refugees from Germany. In any event, the issue is being discussed in the House of Commons, and we will convey further information as soon as possible.”

In Paris, the Foreign Minister, in a colloquy with Senator Berenger, President of the International Committee appointed by the Evian Conference for the rescue of Jewish emigrants, examined the possibility of French participation in an initiative in African colonial territory to give asylum to Jews.

In Brussels, Prime Minister Spaak received the Minister of the Netherlands, with whom he conferred on the issue of refugees. The Prime Minister stated what Belgium has done in this field, suggesting that if other countries will agree to make an additional gesture, Belgium will not fail to join it.

A decree published in the Official Gazette sets forth the rights and prohibitions for Israelites who had been members of the former or new German Army, the Austro-Hungarian Army and the Austrian Federal Army, to wear uniforms.

Nov. 22, 1938 L’Osservatore Romano, November 21-22, 1938, page 6:

“Against the Israelites of Danzig”

Dateline Geneva, Nov. 21

The Journal of Geneva reports from Danzig [Gdansk] that incidents and persecutions against Israelites residing in the Free City continue to be confirmed. The aforementioned newspaper is informed that recently two hundred Jews of Polish nationality, who were awaiting the opening of the offices of the Commissioner General of Police in order to submit their passports for regulatory control, were suddenly arrested by several Danzig police officers, and despite their protests, were led off in the direction of the Free City police station. It also reports that many homeowners were forced to give eviction notices to their Israelite tenants for December 1st.

Danzig authorities have seized the assets of a Swiss citizen, Dr. Madeu, director and owner of a major trading house.

During a search of a Masonic lodge, the police seized a million florins.

Nov. 23, 1938 L’Osservatore Romano, page one:

“In the House of Commons – Chamberlain’s Response to Questioning About the Discussion in Paris, Relations with Romania and the Zionist Problem”

Dateline London, Nov. 22

... As for Palestine, the Prime Minister said that, as everyone recognizes, it is impossible for now to seek in that land a solution for the problem of Jewish refugees.

The Prime Minister concluded by noting that in any event England, by itself, can certainly not offer the means to resolve such a vast problem, and he added that in order to admit refugees into a colonial territory, there would have to be, in all events, sufficient means provided to maintain proper dignity...

Immediately below: “Developments in the Jewish Question – The Arianization of Property – For a Rapid Emigration – International Developments – What England Can Do – Chamberlain’s Statements and Comment of the Press – The American Reaction Continues”

Dateline London, Nov. 22

The Jewish question is being reported in the forefront of international politics and continually the object of interest in solving it.

In it, however, we must distinguish two aspects: the domestic German aspect, and the international aspect. In the first, the solution appears close, in the sense that the process of “Arianization” of Germany is favored by governing law.

Government action is diligent and systematic, because in addition to the appraisal of Jewish property, there will tend to be a selection of shops and businesses that should contine to survive with a change of signage, ownership and management. Not all the shops that have been Jewish property up to now will be maintained in fact, but many will disappear to give place to other enterprises that are Aryan.

It having been ascertained, moreover, according to reports from Berlin, that all the Jews in Germany do not possess enough liquid capital to arrive at the indemnity of one billion imposed by the government, it has been decided to have them contribute their real estate to attain the figure. Therefore the Jews have been warned against selling or alienating in any way what they own.

There were rumors flying about that the indemnity would be increased, but that has been recently denied by the German News Bureau.

This Aryanization of real estate, a necessary consequence of the principle the German leaders are following, has had certain concrete manifestations. Jewish owners of real estate in Nuremberg were summoned by the Labor Front and asked to sign a document to transfer their real estate to the Labor Front. Also in Berlin, Jewish property owners were aked, under penalty of immediate incarceratino, to sign a document tranferring the administration of their real estate to the Labor Front.

In this way the transition of landed property into German hands is being accomplished rapidly, nor will much time pass before the greater part of Jewish real estate will be “Aryanized.”

Meanwhile a Central Committee for Jewish emigration has been formed, called “Zefja.” Accroding to the ,em> national Zeitung of Essen, the Central Committee located in Vienna will be concerned with the systematic emigration of Jews located in the Reich. Each day 60 requests for emigration will be paid for. In Vienna along the number of requests, according to this newspaper, could amount to 135,000. It is interesting to note how the same newspaper adds, after observing the great demand is not able to be met, that this fact is due exclusively to the refusal of other Countries to accept German refugees. Any Jew, nonetheless, who presents an immigration permit from another Country, will have a passport within a week. And the National Zeitung adds that these are facts, while the democracies just chitchat.

However that may be, all this should facilitate the efforts of the Powers for an international solution to the problem. The difficulties that stand in the way of a solution are not just a few, and they were restated by the British Prime Minister, Chamberlain, in statements he made yesterday in the House of Commons; in substance Chamberlain stated that an emigration in mass cannot be contemplated, but that it will be possible to provide territories (and even these are limited) in for a minimum number of Jews, who must have proper means for a decent maintenance in the lands of colonization. Chamberlain spoke of Tanganyika, Kenya, Nyassaland, northern Rhodesia and British Guyana as possible zones where Jewish emigration could be directed. Chamberlain did not indicate the number of Jews that would be admitted into these zones: he only gave two figures in his speech: 200 Jewish families in Kenya and 2,000 hectares of land in Tanganyika. It should also be kept in mind that these territories will not be ceded to the emigrants, but offered to them indirectly via international Israelite organizations. In all events Chamberlain has ruled out directing the flow of Jewish emigration into Palestine. The Prime Minister pointed out, in conclusion, that the solution of the problem does not depend exclusively on Britain, but must be sought in accord with the other Powers.

Chamberlain’s statements have been generally well received by the newspapers of all the parties. The opposition newspapers deplore only that the proposed measures are not more extensive.

The Times says there is no need to despair of finding a vast territory for the refugees. “Indeed the Governors of Tanganyika and British Guyana have made it know that in these two regions there are lands that could eventually be used for this purpose. It is certain that no State could solve this problem on its own. The Prime Minister expressed the hope that other State representatives at the Evian Conference will bring their contribution. The best countries for this purpose are certainly those of South America and especially Brazil.”

The Daily Telegraph observes: “The British Empire shows it is ready to make its contribution, but the problem can only be resolved with international cooperation.”

The News Chronicle, while admitted the need for cooperation by the great Powers, deplores that a “large plan of Immigration” has not been elaborated. Concerning the proposal relative to Tanganyika, the newspaper observes that if this former German colony is returned to Germany, “the Jews who would go there as refugees would run the risk of being driven out another time.”

The Labour Daily Herald is pleased that something is being done and hopes that the Government will make further plans in cooperation with other governments.

the need for cooperation has been recognized also by the American Secretary of State, Cordell Hull, who, speaking tot he press about the need for a solution to the problem of political refugees, said that it cannot occur without the active cooperation of all governments.

A wave of condemnation continues in the United States against the antisemitic measures in Germany. Sunday in New York in a multi-denominational church, prayers were said for the Jewish refugees.

There have also been meetings of religious or political groups, in which motions have been approved for an embargo of German products.

Nov. 24, 1938 L’Osservatore Romano, page 6:

“Towards the ‘Expulsion of the Semites’ from Germany – Intensification and Expedition of the Antisemitic Measures – The Attitude of Germans Overseas – Statements by Goebbels – For the payment of one billion of indemnity – Denials and Corrections in the Diplomatic Field”

Dateline London, Nov. 23

News has arrived from Germany that the result among Nazi authorities is to carry out and intensify their current intentions towards the Jews.

... [citing three Nazi newpapers including the Angriff] ...

It is being pointed out that this last hint of criticism that exists in Germany itself against the antisemitic measures is reflecting a state of mind that finds an echo in German language newspapers abroad, especially in the United States.

Indeed the New York Staatszeitung, the newspaper of the German community in the United States, on the occasion of the departure of German Ambassador Dieckhoff for Berlin, did not omitting some severe remarks, wrote among other things: “The news from Berlin indicates there is unwillingness to believe the grim description of the reaction of public opinion in the United States that the Ambassador reported. We hope he will succeed in convincing the Wilhelmstrasse and the leaders of the Nazi Party of the gravity of the situation. Germany must not be led to expect that this storm of outrage will just blow over.”

But the hopes of the German language newspaper appear to be completely disappointed by the above-cited statements of the two accredited Nazi journalists. No better food for thought could be found than in statements made by the Minister of Propaganda, Goebbels, in Reichenberg during a demonstratino at the beginning of the electoral campaign for German delegates to the Reichstag from the Sudetenland. “We do not want to export antisemitism abroad, on the contrary, we want to export the Semites. If, for instance, the whole world were antisemitic, how could we get rid of our Jews? On the contrary, we would like the rest of the world to be so benevolent to the Jews taht they will take our German Jews.”

Such being the intention in official German circles, and the Minister of Propaganda having taken special occasion to express official opinion on this issue, it is more easy to understand the celerity with which measures are being taken to Aryanize the economy.

The “Official Gazzette” is publishing meanwhile the regulations for the payment of indemnity of one billion imposed on the Jews of Germany. This sum will require a levy of 20 percent upon the capital owned by Jews without nationality living in Germany. The payment shall be made in four installments.

In addition, payments on accounts of insurance policies must be paid immediately to the responsible finance office, in conformity with the ordinance of November 12th. These payments will be counted in the contribution by the Jews. But if the amount of insurance payments exceeds the required contribution amount, the surplus will become the property of the State. Excluded from the payment of the indemnity are Jews whose assets, net of all debts, do not exceed one thousand Marks.

The reaction tht the antisemitic measures have caused around the world, especially in the Anglo-Saxon world, and the repercussions that have resulted between these nations and Germany, have given rise to a rumor of a possible recall, for consultations, of the Reich’s Ambassador to London, von Dircksen. These rumors have amazed the responsible German officials, who declare they know nothing about the matter. The same officials point out that absence of the English Ambassador to Berlin, who returned to England three weeks ago to undergo an operation, has not given rise so far to deductions about the attitude of England, although it has been strongly attacked in the German press in the wake of the antisemitic incidents. According to the same officials, there is no intend to give Berlin a political signal by the prolonged absence of Sir Neville Henderson.

“Cooperation and Assistance”

Dateline Brussels, Nov. 23

From Brussels it is learned that yesterday the Minister of Justice spoke to the parliament about the Jewish problem and stated that Belgium is ready to cooperate in all international measures that will be taken to solve the problem, and is disposed to open its colonies to Jewish immigration.

International action to help Jewish refugees is continuing and developing. Eight hundred German Jews have arrived on Dutch territory from Germany. Although they were not provided supporting documentation, they were received and are currently concentrated near the border.

A significant contingent of German Jews disembarked recently in Argentina, where, moreover, from the start of the year, it is estimated there are 1,883 Jewish refugees who had to leave German territory.

Nov. 27, 1938 L’Osservatore Romano, page 6:

“New Measures Against the Jews in Germany”

Dateline Berlin, Nov. 26

An ordinance of the Minister of Economics and Justice about the elimination of the Jews from economic life requires that Jewish shares of ownership must be dissolved and liquidated. Their transfer into “Aryan” hands is allowed only in special cases to “ensure the provisioning of the population.”

As is well known, according to information from the Nazi leaders, only a third of the Jewish firms should survive the Arianization.

Jewish craftsmen must be stricken from the list of craftsmen before this coming January 1st.

It also reported that the first installment of the contribution of one billion imposed on the Jews will have to be paid in cash by December 1. In order to allow payment on the part of the Jews, a central office has been set up in Berlin for the purchase of jewelry or art objects that are in their possession and that can be appraised by experts.

Nov. 20, 1938 Excerpts from Father Charles Coughlin's first of many radio addresses on the Jewish-Communist world conspiracy:

... Communism itself was regarded by the rising generation of Germans as a product not of Russia, but of a group of Jews who dominated the destinies of Russia. Were there facts to substantiate this belief in the minds of the Nazi Party, I ask?

... the 1917 list of those who, with Lenin, ruled many of the activities of the Soviet Republic, disclosed that of the 25 quasi-cabinet members, 24 of them were atheistics Jews, whose names I have before me. The list, published by Nazis and distributed throughout Germany, is as follows:

[here follows a list of 25 names and assumed names, all identified as Jewish except Lenin; every name is in the Catholic Documentation article of 1920, with many differences in spelling]

Throughout Germany antipathy towards all Jews, however, grew rapidly. It was increased year by year - and particularly in 1935 when the official disclosure was made manifest that the central committee of the Communist Party operating in Russia consisted of 59 members, among whom were 56 Jews; and that the three remaining non-Jews were married to Jewesses!

The list of their names published by the Nazis follows: ...

I speak these words, holding no brief for Germany or for Nazism...

Therefore, I say to the good Jews of America, be not indulgent with the irreligious, atheistic Jews and gentiles who promote the cause of persecution in the land of the Communists; the same ones who promote the cause of atheism in America. Yes, be not lenient with your high financiers, and politicians who assisted at the birth of the only political, social and economic system in all civilization that adopted atheism as its religion, internationalism as its patriotism and slavery as its liberty...

... Father Fahey's book ... and his references to the American Intelligence Report U.S. Army No. 2 which he calls the American Secret Service ...

Critics have denied the existence of this testimony. But the "Documentation Catholique" of March 6th, 1920, together with other documents which the photostats reveal guarantee it.

This official paper prints the names of the Jewish bankers, Kuhn, Loeb and Company of New York City, among those who helped to finance the Russian Revolution...

However, it is my opinion that Nazism, the effect of Communism, cannot be liquidated in its persecution complex until the religious Jews in high places - in synagogue, in finance, in radio and in press - attack the cause, attack forthright the errors and the spread of Communism, together with their co-nationals who support it...

Source: Radio Address, Sunday, Nov. 20, 1938, "Persecution - Jewish and Christian," reprinted in Rev. Chas. E. Coughlin, "Am I an Anti-Semite?" (1939), pp. 34-46.

Nov. 28, 1938 Social Justice, Father Coughlin's weekly newspaper, publishes an article over Coughlin's signature, with propaganda against allowing immigration of Jews from Germany. Allowing such immigration was under active consideration by Great Britain, the United States, and other countries in the wake of Kristallnacht. Excerpts of Coughlin's article:

This page seems fated to talk about immigration quotas and the amalgams in American's Melting Pot. The quota subject is to the fore again in connection with this country's desire to do something about the persecuted minorities of Europe - particularly the Jews from Germany.

It is proposed, for example, that Germany's quota to this country be “mortgaged” for the next three years and be filled entirely with refugee Jews ...

As a suggestion toward starting discussion, or as a gesture to indicate how badly Americans feel about these poor Jews, the proposal is understandable, but, of course, it cannot be entertained seriously...

Meantime, there is almost universal discussion as to what other nations can do for the poor Jews from Germany ... But it is reliably reported that comparatively few of the Jewish refugees are agriculturalists... These newcomers, therefore, would not seek colonies in the rural areas but hope to concentrate in our already crowded cities; and since many of them are already penniless, would go on the relief rolls almost upon their arrival...

Father Coughlin

Source: Social Justice, Nov. 28, 1938, pp. 9-11.

Dec. 5, 1938 Documentation Catholique, vol. 39, pp. 1459-1462 (two articles):

“Concerning Antisemitism: Pilgrimage of Belgian Catholic Radio”

Various organs of the Belgian and French press have echoed a statement of His Holiness Pius XI to a group of pilgrims from Belgian Catholic Radio. We are giving herewith the precise words published by La Libre Belgique, Sept. 14, 1938, words from the pen of Mgr. Picard, President of Belgian Catholic Radio.

On September 6, 1938, His Holiness received in private audience the President, Vice President and Secretary of Belgian Catholic Radio; then, in public audience, 120 pilgrims who had come as a delegation to present to the Pope of Catholic Action the homage of our Belgian Catholic association of radio broadcasting.

At the beginning of the public audience, the Holy Father charged those whom he had just received in private audience to recount to all what he had specially confided to them. (footnote: L’Osservatore Romano, Sept. 9, 1938, giving an account of this audience, did not report any word of the Pope on the Jewish question and made absolutely no allusion to the semite problem.)

It is in response to this desire of the Holy Father that we make public the statements he made to us in his private office.

Private Audience.

His Holiness deigned to meet with us at length.

The first sentiment one may experience is confusion about taking up the time of the Head of the Church. But the Pope’s attitude responds to you, that he attaches great importance to your apostolate. This interest of the Vicar of Jesus Christ for Belgian Catholic Radio was profoundly moving for us and confirmed us in our conviction of the importance of a Catholic Action over the radio, and in our decision to consecrate the best of our being to it.

We would not have made this public if the Holy Father himself had not invited us to do so. We must add that we took extreme care not to write a single syllable that was not truly pronounced by His Holiness.

[Here, the Pope congratulated Catholic Radio on its activity, the important results it has achieved and broached the financial aspect ...] (brackets and ellipsis in original)

Then we presented to His Holiness the missal offered by the pilgrimage of Catholic Radio.

This gift is precious to Us, His Holiness deigned to tell us. It is precious to us because it comes from you and from Belgian Catholic Radio. But your gift is dear to Us above all because it is a missal. The missal is one of the most beautiful books in existence. One finds great lights there, even on events of the day.

And His Holiness began to leaf through the missal. He stopped on the words following the Canon, whose Latin, the Pope said, is so transparent, so suggestive!

“Look with favor on these offerings and accept them as once you accepted the gifts of your servant Abel, the sacrifice of Abraham, our patriarch, and the bread and wine offered by your servant Melchizedek, the holy sacrifice, the immaculate offering.”

The Holy Father commented on this text with a voice that progressively changed with emotion.

This prayer, we say it at the most solemn moment of the mass, after the Consecration, as the divine Victim is actually offered.

The sacrifice of Abel, the sacrifice of Abraham, the sacrifice of Melchizedek. In three strokes, in three lines, in three steps, the entire religious history of humanity. The sacrifice of Abel: the epoch of Adam. The sacrifice of Abraham: the epoch of the religion and prodigious history of Israel. The sacrifice of Melchizedek: the proclamation of the Christian religion and epoch.

A grandiose text. Each time We read it, We are seized by an irresistible emotion.

“The sacrifice of Our Patriarch Abraham.” Notice that Abraham is called our Patriarch, our Ancestor.

Antisemitism is not compatible with the sublime thought and reality that are expressed in this text. It is a disagreeable movement in which we cannot, we Christians, have any part.

Here, the Pope could no longer contain his emotion. He did not want to let himself be overcome by this emotion. But he could not help it. And it was in tears that he quoted the passages of St. Paul bringing to light our spiritual descent from Abraham.

The promise was made to Abraham and to his descendants. The text does not say, St. Paul remarks, his seed in the plural, but his seed in the singular, which is Christ. The promise is fulfilled in the Christ and by the Christ, in us who are the members of his Mystical Body. By the Christ and in the Christ, we are the spiritual descendants of Abraham.

No, it is not possible for Christians to participate in antisemitism. We recognize for everyone the right of self-defense, to take up measures to protect themselves against all who threaten their legitimate interests. But antisemitism is inadmissible. We are spiritually semites.

Article immediately following:

“The Distribution of the Jewish Population on the Five Continents of the World”

From M.R. de B. in L’Illustration, September 17, 1938:

At a time when “racism” plays such a role in the preoccupations of the world and in the domestic politics of States, it is not without interest to find out what place the Jewish race occupies in the world and how it is distributed there. This is what the German review Wirtschaft und Statistik [Economics and Statistics] has just done, in a manner that it affirms is strictly objective. In the absence of any other complete study of this genre, and leaving to the German review the responsibility for the figures it cites, it seemed useful to us to recount here the most characteristic figures.

According to Wirtschaft und Statistik, the number of Jews existing today in the world is 17 million, that being 0.8 percent of the earth's population. Of these 17 million individuals, 10 million reside in Europe, 5 million in America, 1 million in Asia, 870,000 in Africa and 30,000 in Oceania.

This geographic distribution, moreover, has varied considerably over the past 60 years. An extremely significant phenomenon has been produced: Jewish emigration toward the New World.

The following table brings this to light: [showing percentages of the world's Jewish population living on each continent as of the years 1880, 1900 and 1937]

Europe: 88.4 in 1880, 82.1 in 1900, 60.4 in 1937

America: 3.3 in 1880, 11 in 1900, 30 in 1937

Africa: 4.5 in 1880, 3.9 in 1900, 5.5 in 1937

Asia: 3.6 in 1880, 2.8 in 1900, 3.9 in 1937

Oceania: 0.2 in 1880, 0.2 in 1900, 0.2 in 1937

If the differences were negligible in Asia and Africa, and non-existent in Oceania, that is not the case for Europe and America. In 1880, nearly all the Jews of the globe - about nine-tenths - were massed in Europe, while America accounted for barely more than 3 percent.

Already by 1900, no more than 82 percent of the Jews were in Europe, and 11 percent were in America. Today, 30 percent of Jews live in the New World, and the European contingent has fallen to approximately 60 percent. Taking account of the global population figures, the density of the Jewish colony has become roughly equivalent in the two worlds: 1.95 percent in Europe and 1.92 percent in America. On the other continents, it is much less: 0.44 percent in Africa, 0.22 percent in Oceania, and 0.08 percent in Asia.

What accounts for this exodus of Jews towards America? Political reasons are evidently some of it, especially in recent years, but it must not be forgotten that the laws regulating immigration have become increasingly strict, putting the brakes on this movement. Economic reasons are preponderant: America, a new land, offers a field of activity to a race that is naturally enterprising and hardworking, whose conditions of life were too often miserable in the European countries, where they were ... Still, nonetheless, in central and eastern Europe the Jewish population is the most abundant, especially in the former border districts of Austria-Hungary and Russia. From the Baltic to the Black Sea, in a quadrilateral defined by the cities of Leningrad, Riga, Vienna and Rostov on the Don, there are more than 8 million Jews, that being half the Jewish population of the earth. There are 3,300,000 Jews in Poland, or 9.64 percent of the population; in Lithuania, 175,000, or 7.37 percent; in Hungary, 450,000, or 5.01 percent; in Czechoslovakia, 385,000, or 2.54 percent; in Romania, 1,050,000, or 5.41 percent; in the U.S.S.R., 2,950,000, or 2.22 percent.

Another zone is defined by a line going out from England and ending at Switzerland, passing through the course of the Rhine and the French-German border; it includes the important centers of London, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Frankfurt, Nuremberg and Zurich. Finally, in the Mediterranean basin, there are a certain number of Jewish colonies of very ancient origin, in certain cities like Alexandria, Cairo, Tripoli, Tunis, Gibraltar, Marseille, Thessalonica, Constantinople. Palestine contains 404,000 Jews, that being a third of the population, and Morocco close to 200,000.

In France, still according to the same source, there were 280,000 Jews in 1937. Italy counts only 52,000 of them. Great Britain has more of them: 340,000. In Germany, before the Anschluss, there were 420,000, but in 1933, there were more than 502,000. Thus National Socialism has made about 80,000 of them leave. In Austria, there were 200,000 in 1937, who are incorporated today into the Reich, whose Jewish population thus surpasses 600,000 individuals.

It is in the New World that the countries are found with the highest population of Jews: the United States, with 4,500,000, that being 3.5 percent of the total population, compared to just 530,000 at the start of the century. There were a little less than 200,000 Jews in Canada, 275,000 in Argentina, and fewer than 150,000 in the rest of Latin America.

Another characteristic trait is the predilection the Jews manifest for the large cities: More than half of them reside there. In the lead come: New York and its suburbs, with two and a half million Jews; then Warsaw, with 363,000; Chicago with 325,000; Philadelphia with 275,000; London and its suburbs, with 234,000; Budapest with 232,000; Lodz with 202,000; Vienna with 178,000; Paris with 175,000; and Berlin with 161,000. These are the global figures. In percentages, the following table indicates their respective density in these ten cities:

Lodz: 33.5

Warsaw: 29.9

New York: 22.9

Budapest: 16.3

Philadelphia: 14.1

Chicago: 9.5

Vienna: 9.5

Paris: 6.2

Berlin: 3.8

London: 2.1

One can remark in conclusion that, in many countries, the Jews tend to be concentrated in the capital. Thus in Copenhagen are found 92 percent of the Danish Jews; in Vienna, 91.9 percent of the Austrian Jews; in London, 68.8 percent of the English Jews, etc.


Jan. 30, 1939 Hitler’s speech to the first convening of the Greater German Reichstag, which includes representatives from German-speaking areas added to the Reich in 1935-1938: Saarland, Austria, and Czech Sudetenland. In a lengthy section on the Jews, after referring to “the Jewish world enemy” and saying that “international Jewry may hope above all to satisfy its desires for revenge and profit,” Hitler mocked the democratic powers of the world for their refusal to take any of Germany’s Jews, and then proclaimed that “Europe can experience no more peace until the Jewish question is cleared away,” continuing as follows:

The world has room enough for people to settle, but it must finally make a break with the opinion that the Jewish people are so destined by the dear Lord to be profiteers off the body public and the productive labor of other peoples. Jewry will absolutely have to accustom itself to solid productive activity, just as other peoples do; or it will sooner or later die in a crisis of unimaginable proportions.

At the time of my struggle for power, it was first and foremost the Jewish people who gave only laughter in response to my prophecies that I would one day take over the leadership of the German government and thereby of the entire Volk and then bring the Jewish problem, among many others, to a solution. I believe that this laughter that so resounded then is really now stuck in their throats. I want to be a prophet once again:

If international finance Jewry within and beyond Europe should succeed in plunging the nations yet once again into a world war, then the result will be not the Bolshevizing of the earth and thereby the victory of Jewry, but rather the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe!

For the time of defenselessness of the non-Jewish peoples in the propaganda war has ended. National Socialist Germany and Fascist Italy possess those institutions that enable them, whenever necessary, to enlighten the world about the essence of an issue that is known instinctively to many peoples and is unclear to them only in the factual details. Jewry may for the moment carry on its incitements in certain countries where they control and are protected by the press, films, radio propaganda, theater, literature, etc. But if this people should ever again succeed in inciting the masses of peoples by the millions into a war that is entirely senseless for them and only serves Jewish interests, then will be seen the impact of an enlightenment by which Jewry has already been completely laid low in Germany.

The peoples no longer want to die on the battlefields so that this rootless international race will profit in the war industries and satisfy its Old Testament vengefulness...

German original, 5 pages long in the Völkischer Beobachter, Feb. 1, 1939: page 1 - page 2 - page 3 - page 4 - page 5


June 20, 1941 L’Osservatore Romano, page one:

“A Treaty of Friendship Between the Reich and Turkey”

[summary] The article states that on the previous evening at 9:00 p.m., German Ambassador von Papen signed a treaty on behalf of the Reich Government with the nation of Turkey. The Vatican published the articles of the treaty of the front page of its newspaper, including the following joint German-Turkish statement appended to the treaty:

“In relation to the felicitous conclusion of the treaty, the plenipotentiaries of the two parties express their desire that the press of the two countries as well as radio of the two parties, in their publications and broadcasts, always take into account the spirit of friendship and of reciprocal trust that characterizes German-Turkish relations.”

June 21, 1941 L’Osservatore Romano, page one:

“New Italian-German Agreements”

[summary]: Reporting that a series of agreements had been negotiated between Germany and Italy from the 3rd to the 19th of June.

Additional headlines on page one:

“Exchange of Telegrams between Hitler and [Turkish President Ineunu]”

“Cultivation of the Steppe in the U.S.S.R.”

“The Situation in Finland”

“The Visit of [Italian Education] Minister Bottai to Hungary”

“The Industrial Exchanges Between Germany and Romania”

“King Boris in Bratislava”

June 22, 1941 L’Osservatore Romano, page one:

“Significant Homages in the Antilles to the Activity of Holy Father Pius XII”...

“The Ambassador of the U.S.S.R. Received by von Ribbentrop”...

“Return of Belgian Internees”...

“Colloquy of [Spanish Foreign Minister] Serrano Suner [with the British and German Ambassadors]”...

“A Speech by the Bulgarian Minister of War”...

Page 2 – “The Adhesion of Croatia to the Tripartite Pact” [with Italy, Germany and Japan] – the article published the text of the articles of the Croatian agreement with the three Axis powers.

June 22, 1941 Hitler’s Proclamation upon the German invasion of the Soviet Union:

“The Führer to the German Volk and the Soldiers on the Eastern Front”

The Führer issued the following proclamation to the German Volk:

German Volk!

National Socialists!

... Never has the German Volk harbored hostile feelings toward the peoples of Russia. It is only the Jewish-Bolshevik powers-that-be who for more than two decades have endeavored from Moscow to put not only Germany but all of Europe to the torch. Germany has never tried to take the National Socialist ideology to Russia, rather the Jewish-Bolshevik rulers in Moscow have continually undertaken to impose their rule upon us and the other European peoples, and not only ideologically, but above all by military might...

Source: Völkischer Beobachter, June 23, 1941, p.3.

L’Osservatore Romano, June 23-24, 1941, page one:

“The War Against Russia” – “Hitler’s Proclamation”

...“I have taken the stance that, as the leader responsible for the German Reich and as the conscientious representative of European civilization, I am obligated to take.”

June 28, 1941 L’Osservatore Romano, page one:

“Precise German Statements”

The Stefani Agency reports from Berlin, June 26:

“Knowledgeable sources repeat today that the Reich is not conducting the war against the people of the Soviet Union, but rather solely against Bolshevism and its responsible exponents.”

June 29, 1941 L’Osservatore Romano, page one:

“Spain and the War Against Russia”

The new agency Stefani reports from Madrid that the spokesman for the Government has taken note that letters and telegrams from innumerable Spaniards are arriving constantly at various Ministries and the Political Council, requesting the honor of fighting in the front ranks against the Russian Soviets. The statements of the press secretary add that the Government confirms with full satisfaction that the entire Country is conscious of the necessity of this anti-Bolshevik crusade ...

Oct. 2, 1941 Hitler’s proclamation to the German troops on the Eastern Front:

“Soldiers on the Eastern Front!”

Filled with the deepest anxiety for the existence and the future of our Volk, I decided on June 22nd to direct an appeal to you, to move out in anticipation of the imminently threatening attack of an adversary. It was the intent of the powers-that-be in the Kremlin, as we now know, to annihilate not only Germany but all of Europe.

Since then, Comrades, you will have gained understanding of two things:

1. This adversary had prepared militarily for its attack in such enormous measure that even our greatest fears have been exceeded.

2. God have mercy on our Volk and the whole European world if this barbaric enemy had put its tens of thousands of tanks into motion before we acted.

All Europe would have been lost. For this enemy consists not primarily of soldiers, but of beasts.

Now, my comrades, you yourselves have come to know with your own eyes the “paradise of workers and farmers.” In a land so extensive and fertile that it could have fed the whole world, there reigns a poverty unimaginable for us Germans. This is the result of nearly 25 years of Jewish rule, which in the form of Bolshevism is merely the same as the lowest form of capitalism.

The pillars of this system, however, in both its forms, are exactly the same: Jews and only Jews.

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